How It Works

In 2013, Universal Health Aid, along with members of the local Toledo community, started the Free Heath Fair.  The planning strategies implemented in these screenings have been improved upon annually along with new committee leadership, which has resulted in growing patient turnout, satisfaction, and volunteer retention.  These strategies specifically have to do with expanding our medical services offered, implementing new community outreach initiatives, restructuring the logistics of the screening, and revitalizing UHA Toledo’s leadership structure.

Our Structure

Our team members are able be a part of one of four committees, with each committee being led by a single or pair of veteran volunteers.  Each individual committee is responsible for completing a wide variety of tasks relevant to the upcoming event, with committee leadership calling their respective team’s meetings.  Horizontal communication between committees is maintained by weekly conventions between committee chairs and the directors.  This provides for amiable and beneficial relationships between all UHA team members.


The Finance Committee seeks to manage the budget for UHA as well as raise enough money to provide for the annual Free Health Fair.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Contacting sponsors
  • Coordinating donations from local businesses
  • Keeping track of all deposits, transactions, purchases, etc.
  • Sending thank you notes following the Free Health Fair to all sponsors


The Logistics Committee looks to oversee all of the operations leading up to and on the day of the Free Health Fair.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating and assigning positions to screening volunteers
  • Designing a floor plan to be used for the Free Health Fair
  • Creating patient, doctor, and sponsor paperwork
  • Managing a master “To-Do List” in communication with the three other committees


The Marketing Committee serves to develop relationships with local organizations and individuals in an effort to spread the word about the services of UHA Toledo and its affiliates.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Reaching out to various volunteer organizations within the Greater Toledo Area
  • Working with the Toledo Lucas County Health Department to effectively provide healthcare education
  • Contacting news outlets
  • Ensuring UHA branding remains consistent throughout the Toledo Chapter


The Recruitment Committee works to offer the most valuable services available to our patients by contacting medical staff to volunteer at the UHA Toledo events.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Recruiting medical students to take vitals at health screenings
  • Communicating with past medical volunteers to see how we can improve our services
  • Sending out pre-camp packages to medical volunteers
  • Furthering development of preventative services in the fields of dentistry, nutrition, and exercise